IPTV BOX PRO; First of all remind you that the service you purchased / bought will NOT be SERIOUS, SATELLITE or WIRED, IPTV = a broadcast coming from internet. Our servers are delayed from 5 to 7 seconds. Then there may be a delay depending on the country you are connected to, the internet provider you serve in your country, the terminal networks used by your internet provider, the distributor arm switches, the router switch on your building, and the processor and RAM density of the device you are using with your modem. For this reason, we remind you that you bought IPTV service. Our publications also have 85% performance.

IPTV Box Pro maintains its commitment to show different channels in the languages of the same country in case the broadcasting company of the related broadcasting country does not reach the broadcast section / broadcast or the broadcast is unexpected (natural disaster, electricity cut, system update, frequency update, renewal, repair) during the purchased membership period .

IPTV Box Pro guarantees that its membership information will never be shared with third parties.

IPTV Box Pro will not accept any liability in the event that the publisher institution removes and stops the related publishing country, and will continue to remove non-broadcast channel information and provide services with other publications. The buyer accepts it.

These warranty terms apply to system upgrades, renewals, repairs, etc. Not in the case of technical transactions. The process of not broadcasting within the period of the system works is not notified to the customers. The absence of publications during this period does not fall within the scope of gatanti. IPTV BOX PRO reserves the right to change these rights without notice, to obtain the right to change. All customers who receive the purchase are deemed to have accepted these conditions.