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IPTV Pro Boxer, all sensitive and personal information collected from users, are stored in the highest electronic and physical security standards, the staff only having jurisdiction and only with a system compulsory, when users reach under the approval of the current T. C. laws and are used in accordance with international law.
IPTV Pro Box under any name without the personal and sensitive information, user authentication compiled from users for any reason and to disclose in any interlocutor before, not to share such information with third parties and commitments to misuse by no means guarantees.
IPTV Box Pro, you will never pay the credit card information you used when sakmalaz. After paying safely yönlenip PAYPAL payment or during payment you will be redirected to the page SKRILL sayfamızager. Your payment information is under PAYPAL and SKRILL security.
IPTV Pro Boxer, passwords you use during membership, the system administrator and can not be seen by third parties, including corporate staff. Pro Boxer members of IPTV user information, in no way will not be shared with third parties and dry.
IPTV Box Pro, your cart, shopping lists and other customizable features for your digital cookies (digital cookie) is used. If your Internet browser (eg Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) does not accept cookies, this does not prevent you from browsing the IPTV Pro Boxer. However, to add products to your cart, members are required to accept cookies in your browser in order to provide input and to make orders.
IPTV Box Pro can record the IP addresses of visitors and troubleshooting security reasons. IPTV Pro Box 5651 obligations laid down in the law are reserved.
IPTV Pro Boxer of this provision in the Security & Privacy can arrange to publish without prior notice, provided the IPTV Pro Box website. Edits made on the date of publication of the notice shall be considered entered into force.

Notes: Credit card information, such as Internet cafes open environment for general use and control that you do not have to enter the computer may not be appropriate for your own safety.