iptv test
iptv test is the type of iptv package that is available to test our server quality and publications. Our test packages are the shortened times of our full ip tv packages. So all the broadcasts and channels in our iptv package content are also available in our IPTV test packages. The only difference is the short duration. These hours are 1 hour free iptv test, 3 hour iptv test, 6 hour iptv test, 12 hour iptv test and 24 hour iptv test.

The free iptv test packet is not intended to watch the broadcast movie match, but to have your opinion and opinion on our server speed. For more, you need to buy a paid iptv test during the times mentioned above.

We do not provide technical support for free paid-up tests. You are loaded with your own means. Technical support and information sharing is done when you buy 3-6-12 months package. For this reason, you can do the installation with your own means.

You can also contact us directly for online test support to purchase a free test.

We do not give a FREE test / match free game near match time / match time. You can get paid package at the time of match. You can benefit from our 3 - 6 - 12 - 24 hour pay packages. You can request a free 1 hour test after the match time.

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