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If there are computer experts among you, you've probably heard the names M3U and M3U8 before. These file extensions, which were used for a single purpose at first, are now used for a slightly different purpose.

With the gradual increase of IPTV broadcasts, various concepts have also entered our lives. For those who have iptv at home, these concepts are now commonplace. In this context, M3U and M3U8 extensions also come up frequently for those who have iptv at home. Well, what is this M3U and M3U8?

These file extensions are known as live stream playlists today. Extensions with a computer-based file system depend on any broadcast stream on the internet. With a created file, the broadcast stream on the Internet can be accessed and watched more easily. The current M3U and MU8 initially helped you create a playlist of songs you added to programs like WinAmp and Windows Media Player on computers. With these extensions, it was possible to save your song list and listen to the same song list in the same order as the file you saved later. These extensions, which were used in computers in the past, are used in the same way, this time for IPTV, to watch television broadcasts over the internet.

If you are curious about IPTV in person or outside of the viewer, you can also create your own M3U and M3U8 files. Using the Notepad application on your computer, you put the channels you can find on the internet and the broadcast links of these channels into the notepad application. After you have enough channels, you save this file as M3U extension. Then you copy the file you prepared with the help of a USB stick into your IPTV. When you run this file from the settings section of your IPTV, you will see the channel list you have prepared and if the links you have added are correct, the broadcasts are also available.

Instead of making M3U and M3U8 file extensions yourself, these files are also provided to you from where you purchased the IPTV service. Since there will be many channels among them, it will not be logical to add a new channel yourself. However, you can still find these files in many places on the internet. However, it will always be a question mark whether these files are up to date or not, whether they can open all channels in their content. For those who have time, it is also possible to reach a conclusion while doing trial and error after backing up your files. IPTVs will replace the normal television broadcasts we currently watch in the next few years. In this way, people will now enjoy watching television while traveling, or wherever they go.

In order to benefit from our IPTV services that are suitable for you, it will be sufficient to contact us and get information.In order to benefit from our services that are suitable for IPTV, you will need to contact us and receive information