From 2003 until this time, IPTV BOX PRO, which has the policy of giving uninterrupted, honest and high quality service, is working with the understanding of giving you the compensation for the payment you have paid. However, in the following cases and reasons, IPTV BOX PRO acts with the principle of stopping the service.

  • Dialogues that exceed the finishing line, speech that is abusive, insulting or threatening,
  • VPN / PROXY etc, ,
  • Opening on any hosting company's servers / decivated / vps / vds devices and ropes,
  • Distributing purchased memberships out of the information sharing and showing it as it is,
  • At the same time, to open / test multiple devices,
  • Purchase with fake information,
  • Unethical behavior

The customer may or may not be able to serve you by reminding us that IPTV BOX PRO also has the right to choose a customer, such as the right to choose us .

Apart from the above mentioned bangles, the possibility of closing your publications is the ZERO that you would be a victim.